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Justinguitar's beginner's guitar course

It’s very rare to be able to say with confidence that a tutor of any instrument is widely regard as the leader in their field, but in the case of Justin Sandercoe it’s more or less universally recognised. Born in Tasmania, and remaining local until his move to London in 1996, Justin began playing guitar as a child and was offering friends guitar lessons for a dollar by the age of twelve. His gift for the guitar, and his entrepreneurial spirit, have pushed him to the highest echelons of guitar tutors as the testimonials from Mark Knopfler, Steve Vai, Brian May, Les Wise and more will attest.

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Justin’s guitar course is one of the most popular in the world today, mixing videos, printed material and audio to teach over 35,000 people a day lessons from scales, to strumming techniques, to specific songs. Initially setting up his website justinguitar.com, launched in July 2003, to offer one to one lessons with Justin, gathering a modest following. It was only once Justin took the step of adding tutorials to YouTube.com in 2006 that the site became one of the most popular guitar instruction web sites.

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Justin’s first tutorial book, The Justinguitar.Com Beginner’s Guitar Course, was published in 2011 and introduced Justin’s approach to learning the guitar to a whole new audience. In the intervening years Justin has published over twenty new books, including an updated The Justinguitar.Com Beginner’s Guitar Course, and have been translated into several languages. The simple reason for this success is that Justin’s approach to teaching the guitar works. Focusing on song-based learning, it’s fun and gets you playing quickly. With thousands of lessons to choose from, and the ability to start playing distinctive styles very quickly, his method gets you where you want to be as a player quickly and enjoyably.

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