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John Peel Festival of Music will focus on new and emerging artists

John Peel is widely considered one of the most influential DJs ever to grace the airwaves, and his death in 2004 marked the end of an era in broadcasting history. There are many fitting tributes to his legacy, from the John Peel Centre for Creative Arts, to the globally celebrated ‘John Peel Day’, and now Norwich Sound and Vision have announced the John Peel Festival of Music.
In keeping with Mr Peel‘s ethos, the new festival will feature around fifty bands playing across ten venues, with a firm focus on new and emerging talent. As Stuart Hobday, director of the Norwich Arts Centre has stated “It’s not about the headliners but the emerging bands and individuals”.
Ahead of the festival, which is planned for October 11th-13th 2012, a benefit gig will take place at a local venue with all proceeds going towards the John Peel Centre in nearby Stowmarket.
John Peel championed many bands in his lifetime, including the Clash, the Smiths, the Undertones, and the Velvet Underground, and introduced the UK to Hendrix and countless others. Hopefully this new festival will uncover some new talented musicians and continue John’s great legacy.
My personal memories of the famous broadcaster include attending his funeral in Bury St Edmunds (where the musicroom distribution centre is also based), along with thousands of other fans, and I still have a prized royalty cheque for £15 after he played a 30 second clip of one of my tracks.
What are your favourite memories of John Peel? Are there any bands that you first heard listening to his show?

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