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JazzDeck Lays The Cards Out On The Table

In a lot of ways improvisation proves a stumbling block to new musicians – it’s a lot to remember scales and arpeggios alone, but when asked to play a D Minor 7 followed by an E minor 7 flat 5 you’d be forgiven for faltering a little.
Brian Switzer has been teaching jazz to students since he was 15 years old which probably puts him in a pretty good place to understand what people need to take their musicianship to the next stage. He’s also toured with Grammy Award winning band Train for several years so there’s some muso kudos there, also.
The Jazz Deck, as the name implies, is a deck of cards – each of which is colour coded to show you exactly what notes to play in a series of chord progressions. This makes you sound excellent and certainly makes you appear a great deal more hip. You then line up these cards on your music stand and follow the notes through – there are also explanations of the basic theory behind each of the notes on the flip-side of the card to give you better understanding of why the notes are chosen and whether you can expand upon them.
For more information check out the video above and to buy the JazzDeck then head over to here to purchase.

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