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Introducing: Death In Texas

Death In Texas are a 3-piece progressive pop band from London fronted by keyboardist and vocalist Ruth from Music Sales’ editorial department.
With their mix of classically inspired piano, pounding rhythm section and soaring vocal melodies, Death In Texas attempt to explore the darker side of pop with grandiose, prog-minded songwriting. Kane (drums and vocals) and Terry (bass) complete the line-up, providing a solid and punchy foundation for the band’s high-minded stylings.
Ruth (centre in picture) and Kane (right) moved to London in 2010 seeking to establish a band able to sate their diverse musical tastes. Death In Texas was the result, combining technical chops with catchy, easy on the ear hooks. The duo’s respective backgrounds as a classically trained pianist and hardcore punk player were soon complemented by Terry Blake (left), formerly of Southend-On-Sea metal outfit Behind The Screams.
Death In Texas cite a number of bands and genres as influences, such as Muse, Mogwai, Tool, classical music, and the scores of the Fantasy film genre with its sweeping sound-tracks. Surprisingly for some, they do not feature a guitarist – something they pride themselves on. According to Ruth, “it sets us apart from other bands in the genre while also challenging us to create atmosphere and depth in different and exciting ways.”
In 2011 Death In Texas released their own DIY 4 track EP We Will Implode and the band are currently busy preparing to enter the studio to record three new singles in August. These songs will be released in late 2012 and throughout 2013, and will be supported by a promotional tour throughout the UK.
They regularly perform live across London, and earlier this month supported 14-string guitar extraordinaire Felix Martin, as featured in our Top 10 of Electric Guitarists You’ve Probably Never Heard Of, at The Dublin Castle, Camden. Other artists they regularly share a stage with on the circuit include Marcella and the Forget Me Nots, Birdeatsbaby and Flash Bang Band.
Here’s what the press have said about Death In Texas:
“Theatrical piano-filled, gal-fronted alt.rock, with a Vaudevillian feel.” – Bar-Fly
“A progressive pop outift who seem intent on making the biggest sounding music possible, Death in Texas are what My Bloody Valentine if they were raised on a diet of King Crimson and Latin pop.” – The Comedy
“Progressive pop is a very accurate description. This is far more clever and interesting than pop music generally is. I can’t think of anything similar. Imagine Phantom of the Opera, but written by Lana Del Rey and not Andrew Lloyd-Webber.” – Mgthb Blog
Find Death In Texas on Facebook and Bandcamp, where you can download their 4 track EP We Will Implode for free.
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