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Outstanding Classroom Music Lessons with Ann Bryant

Instant Primary Music Lessons for Your School

The National Plan for Music Education, refreshed earlier this year, stressed how every child in primary education should have access to inspiring music teaching at school. But whilst the Model Music Curriculum provided detailed guidance on integrating musical skill-building, diversity, and classical music within the primary classroom, understanding how this can be practically realised can seem overwhelming, even more so if you haven’t had formal musical training. Published by Rhinegold Education, Instant Primary Music Lessons by Ann Bryant is designed for all primary teachers; this includes the non-specialist who might lack confidence or dedicated musical training and the teaching musician looking for resources to enrich their delivery and save time. Attractive, easy to use, and practical, this book is designed to help support primary educators’ delivery of the National Plan and their preparations for an Ofsted “deep dive” into music.

Instant Primary Music Lessons

For All Primary Teachers

Instant Primary Music Lessons offers a bank of engaging music lessons for Key Stages 1–2. Each lesson can be viewed being delivered to a class via helpful videos, available exclusively with the book to download or stream. Observation is the most effective way to incite inspiration, build confidence, and inform practice. You can watch the videos as advance preparation or even stream live within the classroom. Through them, you will better understand the activities involved, more easily tailor the lessons to suit your own classes, and (for non-specialists) find reassurance that music teaching is accessible. The book is an essential reference source. In it, you’ll have access to information that will help you contextualise and better understand the content of each video lesson.

Instant Primary Music Lessons is also packed with audio and PDF resources for each lesson. All of this is included with the price of the book and accessible online to stream or download!

Diverse, Engaging, and Accessible Primary Music

Instant Primary Music Lessons provides 33 classroom music lessons and hundreds of ideas, offering accessible inspiration for the general primary teacher and a time-saving resource for music specialists to diversify their scheme of work. The vast majority of lessons are suitable for the whole of Key Stage 2, whilst some may be also used at Key Stage 1. Each lesson contains 30–45 minutes of content and has been designed to cover core elements of the Model Music Curriculum and those outlined in the National Plan for Music Education alongside statutory requirements in National Curricula within the United Kingdom, helping you to meet Ofsted requirements for a “deep dive” in music.

Each lesson features:

  1. A classical music work of focus, introduced in an engaging way via storytelling, poetry, or body percussion. Featured composers include:
    • Antonio Vivaldi
    • Joseph Bologne
    • Fanny Hensel
    • Will Marion Cook
    • Amy Beach
    • Lili Boulanger
    • Camille Saint-Saëns
    • Samuel Coleridge-Taylor

  2. Activities to develop musical skills related to the work of focus and centred around understanding, performing, and composing music, including:
    • Composing sound accompaniment to poetry
    • Setting words for songs
    • Dancing
    • Clapping and rhythm games
    • Improvisation
    • Music Reading
    • Recorder playing
    • Singing activities

  3. A plenary called “Music on Paper,” which presents an opportunity for children to listen once more to the piece of music whilst expressing their responses in any way they like on paper. This might be a doodle, a pattern, or something more specifically stimulated by the music. It is an opportunity for free-minded absorption of sound with no need for accountability.

The grouping of lessons in Instant Primary Music Lessons is not intended as a sequenced curriculum. The teacher may be utterly flexible in how they exploit the resource within their current scheme of work:

  • Lessons may be done in any order
  • Activities may be repeated, modified, or skipped at the teacher’s discretion
  • Favourite individual activities may be extracted and used out of context
  • Whole lessons may be repeated
Ann Bryant Samples

What’s in the Book?

Beautifully presented, Instant Primary Music Lessons provides essential information for each video lesson:

  • Musical objectives based on understanding, composing, and performing music
  • A bite-sized guide to the classical work of focus
  • Required preparation or resources
  • Useful lesson-specific knowledge
  • Activity explanations and related musical examples, diagrams, and illustrations
  • A glossary of useful musical terms
  • An index of musical pieces

If you lack the confidence to plan and deliver classroom music, Instant Primary Music Lessons aims to provide ready-made musical learning for your class. Just play and go! It is hoped that through watching the videos, you’ll develop the self-belief to deliver music lessons and, eventually, devise them yourself.

If you are an experienced music specialist, Instant Primary Music Lessons will provide fresh inspiration and time-saving ideas, allowing for a richer and more diverse scheme of work.

About the Author: Ann Bryant

Ann Bryant

Ann Bryant trained at the Royal College of Music before embarking on a career of teaching music and drama from EYFS–Key Stage 2. During this time, she wrote and produced many musical plays for these age groups, as well as teaching piano and recorder to older children.

Ann’s writing career also began at this time with scripts, stories, and songs for various BBC Schools radio programmes. She wrote the incidental music and the theme tune for a series of 13 pre-school children’s programmes on BBC2, Tales of Aesop, and went on to develop her writing career in the two distinct areas of children’s fiction and music resources including the piano tutor series, Keyclub and the scheme of work, Teaching KS1 Music, which won the 2002 Music Publishers’ Award for Best New Product. Her fiction series, Ballerina Dreams, was an international success.

Now, with around 125 books published worldwide, Ann is actively encouraging an integration of story and music. In 2017 and 2018, she devised a character-based, story-led music curriculum for pre-schools in India, touring the country to train teachers. Ann also held a three-year tenure as Patron of Reading for all the primary schools in the Bailiwick of Guernsey, where she brought a buzzy element of music, drama, fun wordplay, and “rappetry” (a mixture of poetry and rap) into her sessions.

Ann has narrated her books at the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Hall, the Royal Festival Hall, London, and across the south of England in association with the Kidenza Orchestra, of which she is a patron. Her book Pictures, Poems, and Percussion won Primary Music Magazine’s “Best Composing/Improvising Source.”



Instant Primary Music Lessons

Ann Bryant: Instant Primary Music Lessons

Written specially for UK primary school teachers, Instant Primary Music Lessons proposes 33 play-along classroom music lessons with demonstration videos and downloadable resources to make music lessons accessible and inspiring to all. Authored by award-winning author and music educationalist Ann Bryant, this book features creative skill-building and diverse classical music in every lesson and is designed to support the UK’s new National Plan for Music, the delivery of the Model Music Curriculum, and preparations for an Ofsted “deep dive.”

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