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How To Set Up A Virtual Choir

It may not be the same as singing live, but continuing to sing online with your choir can really invigorate your singers. It gives them something to work towards, to look forward to, and it can also be a tremendous learning experience for singers and directors alike.
We wanted to create this choral pack to help guide you through the process of setting up your own choir rehearsal from home. This is in no way a replacement for in-person choral singing, but it should keep you and your choir ticking a long until social distancing measurements have eased up.
Keep calm and sing!

What does the virtual choir instruction manual contain?

In this manual, you’ll find everything from instructions on how to set everything up with your choir, tech products you may need to make the session work, through to digital sheet music options as well as physical sheet music.


What are my options for group videos?

Zoom: https://zoom.us
You have a variety of options when putting together a group of singers on video conference. Aside from the obvious options such as FaceTime, Skype and Microsoft Teams, it would seem that Zoom is the most reliable option and the easiest to manage when directing a group of singers. We’ve included a link above to the site where you can download the app or simply use the video technology online.

Zoom Guide

Watch the video below to see a Zoom tutorial best configured for choral singing:

Click here to view Zoom’s official video tutorials
Click here for information on Zoom pricing

What do I need in order to take a rehearsal (in order of setting up)?

1. A leader
2. Internet access (whole group)
3. Headphones (preferably with a microphone)
4. Sheet Music

How can I access choral scores quickly?

• Visit www.musicroom.com both physical and digital choral scores
• Physical choral sheets: our standard delivery option is fulfilled by Royal Mail.
Deliveries generally arrive 4-5 working days from dispatch, but can occasionally take longer
• Digital choral scores: can be accessed immediately but are available for selected choral scores only

Download the FREE Virtual Choir Pack below for complete instructions on how to set up your own virtual choir:

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