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How To Cure The January Blues

Generally speaking, January isn’t known to be the most cheerful of months. It’s the equivalent of someone dropping an ice cold, grey piece of clay in your freshly topped up mulled wine.
We have several things to contend with during this bleak 31 days:
a) The weather is really appallingly bad. Oscillating wildly between freezing cold or a bit warmer but torrential rain, it gives you little chance to be anything other than verging-on-seriously-miserable.
b) Let’s face it – you’re at work. You’re not watching charming period dramas or 70’s comedies on your nice television at home eating countless goodies and taking swigs of port/brandy/baileys/schnapps/G&T/spiced apple juice/hot ribena/chocolate. You’re sat at a desk watching the memory or Christmas drive off into the distance. Wave goodbye. It’s not coming back for quite a long time. And let me tell you, this period in between New Year and Christmas Eve can really drag.
c) You have something called #socialjetlag to deal with also which means you feel depressed and ill for ages because you had the audacity to sleep in a couple of times over Christmas. The nerve.
d) YOU CAN’T ESCAPE THE FACT THAT SALES ARE ON ABSOLUTELY EVERYWHERE (including our own sale which – by the way – is outrageous. Find it here).
e) You’re cloaked in almost perma-darkness and/or fluorescent lighting which reveals your skin is so transparent you can almost see your bones.
Pull yourself together, for goodness sake. It’s going to be a great 2015 and you know it is. Just think about all of those lovely (hopefully musical) New Year’s Resolutions you’ve made AND ARE GOING TO KEEP. Pop this little joyous Renewal playlist in your ears and get listening. It’ll get you through until at least Friday.

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