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Higgs boson inspires new music

Higgs boson, the so-called God particle, has captured plenty of headlines over the last few days – but more than a fair few people have been left scratching their heads as to its meaning.
A group of scientists have, therefore, launched an innovative plan to help the layman to develop a better understanding of the significance of Higgs boson.

Owing to the fact that there is nothing tangible about Higgs boson, a sizeable number of people struggle to grasp what it is and what it means.
Consequently, scientists have set the ATLAS data that uncovered the Higgs boson to music. The data has been turned into musical notes by the team.
“The discovery of the Higgs-like particle is a major step forward in our knowledge of the world around us,” commented Domenico Vicinanza, a music composer and network engineer.
“By using sonification we are able to make this breakthrough easier to understand by the general public, highlighting the depth and breadth of the enormous research efforts by the thousands of scientists around the world involved with the Large Hadron Collider.”
He added that the discovery of the particle and the sonification process have both been made possible by virtue of high-speed research networks that connect scientists across the world.
Using this network, scientists have been able to “collaborate, analyse data and share their result”, Mr Vicinanaza said.
In the accompanying music sheets, Higgs is distinguished by the fact that it is around two octaves higher than the rest of the melody.
Furthermore, the science research team has developed a longer, repeating version of the so-called God particle. And despite what some people may believe, the sound is surprisingly charming.
The existence of the Higgs boson has been a source of intense speculation in the scientific community for a number of decades and the recent discovery is seen as a major breakthrough.

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