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Hanson say yes to fan’s wedding request

Persistence has paid off from one prospective Oxfordshire groom after his near-obsessive online pursuit of US pop group Hanson brought him a “dream” offer direct from the band.
James Bishop, 26, from Abingdon, began sending the MMMBop brotherly three-piece daily video messages in February 2011, a commitment that he kept up for an astonishing 461 days.
The groom recorded his efforts on a dedicated blog, Hanson At My Wedding, which tracked the progress of his videos uploads and occasional blog post updates.
Having been bombarded by this deluge of daily video messages for almost a year and a half, Hanson uploaded their own response to YouTube on May 21.
[youtube id=”CtbH5ByYZpI” width=”600″ height=”350″]
The trio explained that although they couldn’t make it to the ceremony, they’d like to gift James and his fiancée a honeymoon trip to Jamaica complete with tickets to a Hanson gig on the island.
With news of James Bishop’s exploits beginning to appear on mainstream news sites, including the BBC, it’s perhaps even more surprising that the bride-to-be is completely oblivious to her fiancées campaign.
Writing on his blog, Bishop said that she “got into their music [Hanson] through me, this was not her childhood favourite band. She doesn’t go online to see what Hanson have been up to, and gets all her Hanson news from me.
“There have been a few times I have seen links to our stud on the side panel but she hasn’t noticed. A few times people have hinted about Hanson to her. As far as I can tell (and I may never truly know…) she doesn’t know!”
Check out James Bishop’s reaction to the band’s offer below:
[youtube id=”0_vlTHFOsOQ” width=”600″ height=”350″]
Having met Bishop and his friend, Chris Duch, several times at Hanson concerts, the band said their dedication to the cause was “impressive”. In their response video Zac Hanson, 26, explained, “We can’t play the wedding and we don’t play weddings, but what if we gave them a really nice gift?”
How far would you go to get your favourite band to play at your wedding? What do you think of Hanson’s response to James Bishop’s persistence?

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