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Handpicked Gifts For Father's Day 2016


Father’s Day approaches. All over the world dads will soon be showered in gifts from every possible angle – there will be ties, there will be socks, there will be booze..
There will be mugs.
As a species, dads collectively sigh at the prospect of this. Another year, another gift to add to the collection of other gifts which don’t quite hit the right notes.
So this year, why not get something to make his heart sing?
These 28 unique, dad-perfect gifts will get him skipping down the garden path for joy – have a browse through and pick the perfect thing for him to show some appreciation with a truly meaningful gift.
Couple of high priority items right here:
A Fender Wine Holder – £48.00

A pretty ridiculous musical lunch box – £14.99

A Rare Photography Book from the Beatles – £39.95

A cute yellow submarine radio! AW. £14.95

1) The Music Book Maker – Special Dad Edition: from £14.95
Music Book Maker DadWhat better way to make your dad a happy-chappy than with a totally personalised music book tailored exactly to his taste? The Music Book Maker will
Click below to explore – you can add your own photographs to the front cover, choose from a number of pre-made designs or design your own from scratch along with adding your own choice of music from 20,000 titles… Whoa.
For the Music Book Maker Father’s Day Special find it here on musicroom.com
2) Rick Buckler’s Best Seller: ”That’s Entertainment’ – My Life In The Jam’: £14.95
the_jam_weller_gallery-21Dads are known rockers. They love it. Let them remember their true love by buying them this excellent autobiography from Rick Buckler… During their golden years of 1977 to 1982, The Jam‘s frontman Paul Weller was their outspoken leader, but it was drummer Rick Buckler who was the beating heart of the band, and it is his fascinating story that is told in his autobiography, That’s Entertainment: My Life In The Jam, replete with insights into his life and music.
Find Rick Buckler’s Autobiography ‘My Life In The Jam’ here on musicroom.com
3) Protelx Limited: GPO Stylo Record Player – Black: £42.95
5060237570542Dads cannot help but love vinyl. They love the way it feels. And – the way it sounds. AND this is a bargain.
Find the GPO Stylo Record Player here on musicroom.com
4) Framed Collector Print: Johnny Cash – Kansas State Prison: £14.99
PFC1233This is a seriously great looking print. Not just that – but £14.99 is a great price for a FRAMED print of this quality. Johnny Cash is shown here but there are some other great prints you can browse here including The Beatles, Nirvana and a ton more.
Find Framed Collector Print: Johnny Cash – Kansas State Prison here on musicroom.com
5) Music Note Braces: £17.99
Keeping your trousers up is important – keeping them up with music is magical. Brace yourselves. Or just him. Brace him.
Find Music Note Braces here on musicroom.com
6) Guitar Cuff Links: £14.96
TS12087Swish looking pair of shiny guitars for your pops to wear on his sleeve. Cool, right?
Find Guitar Cuff Links here on musicroom.com
7) Vienna World: Glasses Case: £7.99
VIET1033If your father is musical and has glasses these will help him keep his glasses safe for him to read music. If he isn’t musical – but he can read – then these may also come in handy.
Find this Glasses Case here on musicroom.com
8) Leather Music Case: Black: £49.99
fc714_lb02Three words: Black. Leather. Case.
Find this Leather Music Case here on musicroom.com
9) Oven Mitts – Too Hot To Handel: £15.99
MNOOMI have never met a dad that does not like a pun. Or oven mitts, for that matter.
Find these Handel Oven Mitts here on musicroom.com
10) Varigrip – Variable Tension Hand & Finger Exerciser
PW-VG-01This is particularly relevant to dads who don’t actually play instruments – you know those times you can’t open a jar? And no matter where in the world your dad is, he suddenly appears staring eagerly at the jar desperate to demonstrate his superior strength? Well – now you can make his hands stronger so he can open bigger, stiffer, more difficult jars with ease.
Designed to develop and maintain the strength and dexterity of your fingers and hands, the Varigrip‘s ergonomic design and variable tension provides customized conditioning for individual fingers, the entire hand, wrist, and forearm.

VIEK0854A continuation of the BBQ theme here – this time a simple glove to protect him from harm in a musical fashion.
Find this BBQ musical glove here at musicroom.com
12) A Musical Apron: £30.00
VIEK0610Protect him from spatters of fat and sauce. Give him the gift of safety and style – with this apron.
Find this Musical Apron here at musicroom.com
13) Electric Guitar Baking Spatula: £6.99
CPLGGEA1122RAnd out come the spatulas. Three of them. In red, black and blue. The colours of man.
Find these Spatulas here at musicroom.com
14) Mix Stix – Drum Stick Spoons: £8.99
cplffmix_lb01Mix it up a bit in the kitchen… by… hitting things with these drum stick spoons. Rhythm!
Find these Mixing Spoon Drumsticks here at musicroom.com
15) Chopstick Drumsticks: £5.00
Alternatively if you prefer noodling around then get yourself some chopstick drumsticks instead.
Find these Chopstick Drumsticks here at musicroom.com
16) Record Coasters: £9.99
GGEA0105Coasting into number 17 it’s some vinyl record coasters. For drinks!
Find these Vinyl Record Coasters here at musicroom.com
17) Ernie Ball: Slinky Coasters – Pack Of Six: £3.99
STREBC…or get him a six pack.. Of Slinky Guitar String coasters!
Find Ernie Ball Slinky Guitar String Coastes here on musicroom.com
18) Bottle Axe: Bottle Opener/Key Fob: £7.99
PTN100696Guaranteed to open bottles for him whilst giving a smug sense of him having a cooler bottle opener than the rest of the people he knows (potentially).
Find this bottle opener here on musicroom.com
19) Key Hook – Music Notes: £5.99
LSN0022Ye shall never lose thy keys again.
Find this key hook wall fitting here on musicroom.com
20) First Aid Kit For Guitar – Electric: £19.99
AM987030 (1)Because electric guitars need love too.
Find this electric guitar first aid kid here on musicroom.com
21) Pure Tone: Ukulele Pack (Natural): £22.95
PTN100914It’s never too late to pick up a Uke! And once you do – you’ll never be able to put it down. Includes a bag and book for the ultimate Uke starter pack!
Find this Ukulele here on musicroom.com
22) Wexler: King David Conductor’s Baton – 12″ Taper/Cork: £6.95
12WTCKTo get some more control back in the household, possibly.
Find this Baton here on musicroom.com
23) Pure Tone: Roll-Up Piano: £44.99
PTN100574An excellent equivalent if you don’t quite have the room for a baby grand.
Find this Pure Tone: Roll-Up Piano here on musicroom.com
24) Hohner: Signature Series John Lennon “Imagine” Harmonica: £69.99
sut000232_lb02The crowned prince of Harmonicas – from one of the best singer/songwriters of the last 100 years!
Find this Hohner: Signature Series John Lennon “Imagine” Harmonica here on musicroom.com
25) Amplitube: iRig Interface Adaptor: £29.99
ip-irig-plg-in_lb02This is an excellent piece of kit – mainly due to the fact that you don’t need all of the ‘stuff’ you usually need to record your sounds. It’s quick, it’s simple enough to record
Find this Amplitube: iRig Interface Adaptor here on musicroom.com
26) Levy’s: MSS3 Suede Leather Guitar Strap – Black: £39.99
MSS3BLKIt’s a guitar strap which gives off a feeling of true power and mastery. Something every father attains towards. Give him a leg-up towards greatness.
Find this  Levy’s: MSS3 Suede Leather Guitar Strap – Black here on musicroom.com
27) DON’T FORGET THE WRAPPING: Gift Wrap – Single 70 x 50cm Sheet
LSNGWSAX002Because no one really enjoys receiving gifts unwrapped, right?
Find this wrapping paper here on musicroom.com
28) Magic Slim: Born On A Bad Sign – £19.98

29) The Blues Of Sonny Boy Williamson – £19.98

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