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Hal Leonard’s Music Class: More Resources, Same Great Price

Hal Leonard’s Music Class (HLMC) is the online solution for primary school music that everyone’s been talking about. And over the last six months it’s been getting bigger and bigger. More exclusive songs. More classroom music lessons. More books. More interactive resources. What’s not grown is the cost. From just £99.99 a year, a subscription to Hal Leonard’s Music Class works hard for your school. And in the academic year 2023–2024, it’ll continue to work hard with regular, new content. So, you get more for no extra cost.

Hal Leonard's Music Class

More Songs for Primary Singing

Last year, 40 amazing songs were added to Hal Leonard’s Music Class, each one bursting with interactive learning resources. With over 500 songs already, including Disney favourites, musical theatre, film music, and pop hits, HLMC can help you enrich your singing programs with music everyone will love to learn.

Primary Singing

With HLMC’s accessible, easy-to-use tools, you can access popular song resources that include: 

  • Lyric videos – NOW you can toggle off vocal audio! 
  • Audio demonstration tracks 
  • Audio backing tracks 
  • Learning resources 
  • Interactive dance videos 
  • Perfect for classroom singing, assemblies, and choirs!

And with new songs added throughout the year, your playlists will continue to grow!

More Classroom Music Lessons

Last year, we added 70 classroom music lessons for years 1–6. And more will be added every month.

Classroom Music Lessons
  • Fully planned primary classroom music lessons, with interactive activities and songs for ages 6–11. 
  • Each lesson is fully customisable through editable lesson stages, to supplement and mould around existing schemes of work.
  • Lesson-topics help to support the development of musical skills in alignment with the refreshed National Plan for Music and the Model Music Curriculum.

More WCET and Interactive Resources!

WCET and Interactive Resources

Last year, we added brand-new units to your Recorder and Ukulele interactive WCET courses, taking your pupils even further. On top of that, 20 new digital books and 10 classical gaming listening maps were added to subscriptions. With new resources added every month at no extra cost, your subscription to Hal Leonard’s Music Class will continue to boost music-making in your school. 

  • Listening maps provide digital games to help children engage with long-form works, from classical masterpieces to epic film scores. Learn about musical structure, instrumentation, articulation, dynamics, and more!
  • HLMC’s virtual music-book library allows full access to great music books, ideal for planning units of work and catalysing ideas for music-making.
  • Devise your own playlists for classes, year-groups, and extracurricular ensembles that can be accessed by children and parents at home. No child login required!
More WCET and Interactive Resources

Your Affordable Solution to the National Plan for Music Education

Hal Leonard’s Music Class is aligned with UK national curricula and has been designed to support your delivery of the refreshed National Plan for Music and the Model Music Curriculum.  

  • All children to learn to sing: Boost confidence with pop, film, and musical theatre songs that teachers know and children love! 
  • Develop your school choir/vocal ensemble: Enthuse vocal ensembles with the music they love and accessible resources for learning it effectively. 
  • Develop termly performances: A download subscription covers you for downloading, printing, and performing HLMC’s exclusive collection of popular songs in school concerts. Make playlists of song assets for children to learn at home, no login required!
  • Developing WCET: Whole-class methods for recorder and ukulele 
  • Curriculum classroom music of at least one hour: 60-minute classroom music lessons for key stages 1–2. Clear, easy to use, and customisable for all primary teachers.  
  • Transformative Music Technology: Noteflight notation software and classical music gaming for interactive in-lesson ICT. 
  • Working in partnership: Be part of the country’s biggest musical team powering Young Voices and the Big Sing!

Free 30-Day Trial

If you’re not using Hal Leonard’s Music Class, sign up for a free 30-day trial. Or, if you have any questions about bespoke ordering, contact our team who will be happy to help.

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