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Hal Leonard’s Music Class

Hal Leonard’s Music Class (HLMC) is the new online solution for primary music that everyone’s talking about. Already used by thousands of schools across North America, HLMC is now arriving in the UK. Affordable, inspiring, and simple to use, Hal Leonard’s Music Class provides a bank of learning resources for more than 500 of the best-known songs from pop, film, and musical theatre. Popular songs that children know and love, appropriately arranged and bursting with interactive tools to engage school choirs, assemblies, and classroom music-making.

In addition, HLMC also offers ready-made, fully customisable classroom music lessons for ages 6–11 and digital whole-class instrumental methods, as well as a host of interactive learning tools such as a virtual music-book library, classical listening maps, and classroom playlists.

Music Class Information

In this exclusive blog for Musicroom, we give you a whistle-stop tour through Hal Leonard’s Music Class and how you can sign up to transform music in your primary school.

Popular Song Learning Resources

At its core, HLMC is about giving you the opportunity to enrich music-making in your primary school with the best-known songs that children will love. From The Beatles to Moana, the latest pop hits to the biggest musicals, HLMC has more than 500 songs with resources to engage singing and musical learning in your school.

Essential Elements Music Class 1

With HLMC’s accessible, easy-to-use tools, you can access popular song resources that include:

  • Lyric videos
  • Audio demonstration tracks
  • Audio backing tracks
  • Learning resources
  • Interactive videos

Perfect for classroom singing, assemblies, and choirs!

Classroom Music Lessons

Essential Elements Music Class 2
  • Online whole-class instrumental methods for ukulele and recorder.
  • Fully planned primary classroom music lessons, with interactive activities and songs for ages 6–11.
  • Each lesson is fully customisable through editable lesson stages, to supplement and mould around existing schemes of work.
  • Lesson-topics help to support the development of musical skills as outlined in the UK’s national curricula and the government’s Model Music Curriculum.

With limited planning time for music in the curriculum, this is perfect for the non-specialist required to deliver music in the classroom or the primary music specialist looking to refresh and revise existing schemes of work.

Interactive Music Resources

Essential Elements Music Class 3

For fun and engaging musical learning, HLMC has a treasure chest of interactive, digital tools.

  • Listening maps provide digital games to help children engage with long-form works, from classical masterpieces to epic film scores. Learn about musical structure, instrumentation, articulation, dynamics, and more!
  • HLMC’s virtual music-book library allows full access to great music books, ideal for planning units of work and catalysing ideas for music-making.
  • Devise your own playlists for classes, year-groups, and extracurricular ensembles that can be accessed by children and parents at home. No child login required!

Sign Up Now!

You can sign up for updates on HLMC’s progress at www.eemusicclass.co.uk

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