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Guild high-end acoutic guitars are coming to Musicroom Bristol!

Guild, one of the leading names in high-end acoustic guitar luthery, will soon be available from Musicroom Bristol.
UPDATE: Bristol’s beautiful range of Guild Guitars can now be found at Musicroom Salisbury. Click here for more information!
A stunning new in-store collection will feature some of the finest guitars in the Guild range,  offering models to suit every style and taste.
Leading the pack is the Guild Traditional Series, featuring the iconic Guild D-55 Dreadnought, pictured above—the flagship guitar that’s first into view in everyone’s mind when they hear the name Guild.
Whilst its reputation precedes it, the D-55 continues to be one of the most versatile Dreadnought guitars around.
For players wanting even more flexibility without compromising on their sound, the D-40 Bluegrass packs great tone and all-round ability into one a fantastic instrument.
Alternatively, the F-30 Aragon—a beautiful Mahogany Orchestra guitar—is an excellent play for fingerpickers and those looking for bright tones.
Bristol will also be offering select instruments from the Guild Standard series.
Players looking for huge, warm tones will love the F-50 maple Jumbo whilst softer players will find subtly in the F-30R’s rich and mellow palette – a brand new guitar from Guild that’s only available in-store. You won’t find it anywhere on the internet!
The D-40 mahogany Dreadnought, a brilliant all rounder and great value too, rounds off this impressive range.
Our team of friendly in-store experts in Bristol are big fans of the new Guild range, and the arrival of the guitars at Musicroom Bristol goes far beyond the stocking of new brand name.
Always on-hand to offer their experience and knowledge should you need it, the team in Bristol are excited that they can now offer Guild acoustics to their customers.
Take Nick our acoustic guitar specialist, for example. He’s been playing his way through the new range of Guild guitars and has been impressed by what he’s heard and played:
“As an acoustic guitar addict I often like to do the rounds and see what’s out there – always looking for the ultimate instrument. With Guild nowhere to be found in Bristol I recently travelled to London to do the guitar mile that is Denmark Street and try out some models. I was hugely impressed with what Guild are doing.
They’ve been making high quality guitars since the 50’s and their new models only build on the great look, tone and feel you’d expect from such an established manufacturer. I’m really pleased that we’ll be stocking some of the very best American made guitars. It’ll be a struggle not to play them all day!”
These guitars have to be played to be believed, so head down to Musicroom Bristol and try a Guild for yourself!
Click here for more information on Guild Guitars, now available at Musicroom Salisbury.

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