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Groundbreaking iPhone App "FREESTYLE" v2.0 launched

Musicroom.com has returned to the hip-hop marketplace with a new version of their groundbreaking iPhone and iPad application, Freestyle 2.0, available now in the Apple App Store for 79p and $1.99
Designed for songwriters, MC’s and poets on the move, Freestyle 2.0 serves as a mobile recording studio. Combining a notepad, instrumental library, rhyming dictionary, and vocal recorder in one application, users can capture their creativity whenever inspiration strikes. Users can seamlessly email or upload their recordings to Facebook, Twitter, or Soundcloud while on the go, from the convenience of their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.
The original version of Freestyle was released last year to rave reviews, quickly garnering over 100,000 downloads and becoming a top 25 selling music app in the iTunes App Store in less than 2 months.
Now, re-engineered based on user feedback, version 2.0 boasts: a cleaner, streamlined new interface; advanced sharing features; and allows users to integrate the application with their iTunes library, giving them the ability to write and record to their own music.
For the laymen, Freestyle 2.0 includes an instrumental bank library of 14 original beats and the Schirmer’s Complete Rhyming Dictionary, with over 96,000 rhymes, to help them through those tricky words and tough spots in their verses. The application’s easy-to-learn controls and functionality make Freestyle 2.0 the ideal pocket companion for any artist, professional or novice!

New Improved Features:

  • Notepad, beats, rhyming dictionary, and recorder all in one place
  • Designed from the ground up to not get in the way of the writing and rhyming process
  • 14 dope beats to rhyme to. Now with an exclusive NEW Freestyle medley
  • No internet connection needed! Comes with Schirmer’s Complete Rhyming Dictionary
  • Record multiple takes of a song and share!
  • Change beat and vocal levels after recording
  • Streamlined & intuitive interface

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