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10 Great Gifts For Your Music Teacher

Jack-ThanksThe term is gradually coming to a close as teachers and students alike are set free to roam the earth and absorb sun, ice cream and feel the sand between their toes. Teachers are an excellent bunch of people. At times they might seem difficult but underneath all of this lies the soft warmth of a person who only wants you to become the best person you can be.
So why not thank them in the most meaningful way possible? Something musical perhaps, that’d do the trick nicely. Here are 10 of the best pressies for a musically inclined teacher this year – enjoy and make them feel special!
1) Axe Heaven: Fender™ Stratocaster™ – Classic Red Finish
Great ornamental miniature guitar – note that this is not playable but it does look ridiculously great.
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2) Arpeggio Scented Candle – Vanilla & Orange

The sweet, sweet scent of music. Wafting around the classroom, soothing those post-school nerves. Perfect
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3) Silver Plated Treble Clef Brooch

Refined elegance for a teacher with excellent taste – something to twinkle and sparkle in the Summer sunshine when they’re are miles and miles away from school.
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4) Bake In Black: Music Inspired Baking

This book is great – it’s basically a load of insanely delicious cakes named after famous albums, bands or songs. Like the ‘Smells Like Cookies’ Nirvana cake. You know.
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5) Little Snoring Gifts: Wall Clock – Clarinet Design

We could write a load of jokey comments here about ‘keeping time’ or ‘rocking around the clock’ but we won’t. It’s just a really nice clock.
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6) Vienna World: Eraser Box – Assorted (Box Of 36)

Nothing says ‘Hey, even teachers sometimes make mistakes – am I right?!’ than a pack of 36 erasers. No regrets!
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7) Vienna World: Silk Scarf – Sheet Music (Chamois) Rectangular 

For the slicker gentleman or lady teacher – a silk scarf adorned with notes. Mmm. Perfect for the opera.
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8) 100 Years Of British Music

This is a killer book -a photographic tribute to the greatest songwriters and composers of all time from George Harrison to Elgar to Barlow to Tavener.
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9) The Musical Mug – With A Lid!

Sure, sure – you COULD just give your music teacher something boring like A MUG. OR! Or you could give them something seriously exceptional – like a mug WITH A LID. Get outta town.
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10) Silk Tie

No list for a music teacher would be complete without a lavish and luxurious tie.
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