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Great British Bake Off: The Essentials

The Great British Bake Off has landed back on our television screens – and that means it’s officially the height of summer! So – let’s all sit inside away from that horrible sunshine and watch television! For months!
What better way to get your favourite cakes baked by doing it in the best style: with spatulas shaped as instruments and a musical cake knife!
All whilst learning the GBBO theme on your piano to put the metaphorical ICING ON THE CAKE.
1) Bake In Black – Music Inspired Baking
This book is unreal – mainly because you can bake a Nirvana cake, but also because they’re all so delicious (trust us, we’ve tried them).

2) Electric Guitar Spatula

3) Chopstick Mix Stix

4) GBBO Soundtrack For Piano

4) The All Important Musical Cake Server

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