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Gove to learn ukulele following Mumford & Sons success

Michael Gove is set to take up ukulele lessons due to complaints over his untrained strumming by his family.

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The Education Minister has been signed up for lessons by his wife who purchased the uke as a birthday present last year. Unfortunately, rather than bringing sweet, soothing music into the family home, Gove’s attempts at playing along to Mumford & Sons have only brought disharmony while trying to take his mind off the day-job.
As reported by Jack Grimston, Deputy Political Editor for The Sunday Times, Gove and his family are keen fans of the Little Lion Man folk-rock four piece, who have helped to bring the ukulele back into vogue.
Speaking as the UK’s largest retailer of musical instruments, Musicroom told the Sunday Times that the sales of the diminutive Hawaiian string instrument rose by 33.9% last year, which once suffered due to an unfounded reputation as a kitsch, novelty item.
Today the ukulele can be heard across the airwaves and TV channels, from adverts for Match.com to the critically acclaimed music of Sigor Ros.
The Sunday Times piece, embedded below, also touched on the little instrument’s other political connections, counting Tony Blair and Ed Balls as players from across the House of Commons divide.

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