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Gove promises to protect music education

The education secretary Michael Gove has said that music education in schools will be protected despite budgetary cuts and next year’s national curriculum review.
Critics have voiced their concerns that the review will push music away as core subjects are given greater prominence, but speaking to BBC Radio 3, Mr Gove reassured those in fear of a depleted music education.
“I think anyone looking at the care and dedication that has gone into the National Plan for Music would presume from that that it would be eccentric for the Department for Education not to have music enjoying a prominent place in the national curriculum,” he told presenter Tom Service.
However, he added that he “can’t pre-empt the outcome of the national curriculum review” and therefore could not confirm that some details of the Plan would not be cancelled.
The Department for Education released its National Plan for Music last week in the hope that it would be introduced by next year.
It promises to enable every child to have the chance to learn to play a musical instrument and also sets out the idea of creating hubs at local levels to deliver music education in partnership.
“The hub structure should mean that you have greater transparency over the amount of money that goes to the organisations,” he told the news provider, adding that they would also ensure comparability over how they deliver support, while some organisations might run more than one hub.
This would make sure that across the UK, there is a “levelling-up” of music services.
Mr Gove stressed that hubs will also be monitored for providing children from poorer homes sufficient access to quality tuition and that all children have access to ensemble playing.
It has also been confirmed, however, that funding for music education will reduce by £2.5 million by April and by 2014, the budget will be just £58 million, down from the current £77.5 million, suggesting that not all of the plan will come to fruition.

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