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Gadget Show has a play with the iRig Mic

The Gadget Show, Channel 5’s preview of the best new technology on the market, is set to feature the iRig Mic on tonight’s show (September 9th).
Presenters Jason Bradbury and Suzi Perry will test out the audio equipment to create a brand new theme tune for the Gadget Show. They will play instruments and do their own mixing to come up with a selection of tracks that views can vote on to be the brand new theme music.
While the iRig Mic is great fun, it is also a useful tool for musicians on-the-go and for spoken recordings. It is the first handheld, quality condenser microphone for Apple’s operating system and can be used on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.
Created by IK Multimedia, features include real-time monitoring with a dual mini-jack and the ability to adjust the recording depending on the sound pressure.
It also comes with the VocaLive iPhone app, which can process live voice recordings and adds effects including pitch correction.
Meanwhile, guitar players and songwriters can access the Amplitube app and the iRig Recorder, which allows quick audio recording and processing.
When the device first launched, tech website engadget praised the equipment for being the only handheld accessory to use Apple iOS devices for sound recordings.
Music magazine Rolling Stone even recently named the iRig Mic as their top toy. Writer Scott Steinberg described the tool as handy for musicians and performance artists to use if they “suddenly get the urge to throw down”.
“Users can immediately record verses, ambient sounds or podcasts dynamically with the condenser microphone, which lets you lay down instrumentals or vocal tracks on-demand,” he wrote.
And as the device can be used with nearly any music app, he suggested that it could potentially allow for “impromptu karaoke sessions or portable jam sessions whenever the mood strikes”.
To see its full capabilities, the Gadget Show will be on at 20:00 tonight and will feature keyboard and synth expert Mark Jenkins.

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