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Former Thin Lizzy guitarist Gary Moore dies

Former Thin Lizzy lead guitarist Gary Moore has passed away in a hotel  Gary Moore: Greatest Hits (Transcribed Score)room while on holiday in Spain.
Generally regarded as one of the finest players of his generation, the 58-year-old took his influences from the likes of Jimi Hendrix and Peter Green of Fleetwood Mac.
Moore first received recognition after recording albums and touring Europe and the US as support for acts such as Frank Zappa and the Allman Brothers.
He began his lifelong career in the music business aged just 16 when he moved to Dublin in 1969. He joined the rock band Skid Row, which also featured future Thin Lizzy star Phil Lynott before being introduced to the legendary Irish rock group’s line up.
As well as his work with Thin Lizzy, he also received critical acclaim for his solo efforts. He enjoyed UK chart success thanks to singles such as Parisienne Walkways and Out In The Fields.
During his career, collaborations with the likes of the Beach Boys, Ozzy Lick Library: Learn To Play Gary Moore - The Solos Osbourne, Andrew Lloyd Webber and George Harrison ensured that the Belfast-born guitarist was held in high regard by his musical peers.
Bandmates and collaborators have paid tribute to a man they described as a “great player and great guy”.
Bob Geldof described Moore as “one of the greats”, adding that his work had been a huge influence on later rock acts, particularly bands such as Guns N’ Roses.
“He is one of the great blues players,” he told BBC Radio 5 Live. “Axl Rose will say that without Thin Lizzy you don’t get Guns N’ Roses and that whole idea of rock and roll, and Gary was sort of fundamental in developing that twin-guitar, lyrical thing like on Parisienne Walkways.
“But really you didn’t have to cut the skin hard to find just a great, great blues player and absolutely one of the best.”

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