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New Year's Solutions: Hibernate?

Sometimes it seems odd and cruel that the hedgehogs and bears of the world remain abed until about March whilst you trudge about for three months busying yourself with not getting splashed by buses and getting a bit confused/depressed by the new series of ‘Broadchurch’.
Fantasising about hibernating won’t actually do you many favours in the long-run other than the inevitable, bitter disappointment when you find out humans cannot (and never have) hibernated. Sad emoticon.
But in the mean time there is some respite to be found on the compensatory couple of days following each 5 days of toil known as weekends: whilst you’re having your temporary hibernation (lie in) after you’ve stocked up on enough food for the winter (brunch ingredients) we would heartily suggest you pop on this soothing playlist to gradually help you realise that there’s only about 8 more weeks of mud/slush/people talking about their detox left before you can start wearing loud shirts and no one can know your age because you’ve constantly got your sunglasses on.

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