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For Dummies, for musicians, and now for Ukulele

“Hi, I’m Peter, and I’m a dummy.” Cue confusion, bemusement and, maybe, uneasy amusement. Not many people would describe themselves as a “dummy”, yet the “For Dummies” series of books seems to go from strength to strength, offering layman’s guides for everything from lawn care to quantum physics.
“How is this remotely relevant to musicians?” you may rightly ask. Well, – not discounting the fact that musicians may also be interested in lawn care and quantum physics – the ever expanding “For Dummies” range now includes a selection of books tailored to those who would really like a better understanding of, say, music theory or Piano technique, without being made to feel stupid within the space of a few sentences.
Two such books are newly available at musicroom, online and in-store.
Birthed from the increasing popularity of the Ukulele as a handy, cheap and fun instrument, Ukulele For Dummies and Ukulele Songs For Dummies take you from looking at a fret-board and scratching your head, to playing a range of tunes, comfortably using chord shapes that your previous head-scratching self would never have dreamed of.
Ukulele For Dummies takes you through how to choose, maintain, string and tune a Uke. It will teach you how to hold, strum, pick and generally make sweet music with it, all in an approachable style, illustrated with detailed photos and demonstrated on the included CD.
Ukulele Songs For Dummies is for those who’ve covered the basics and would like to get down to playing some songs. A feast of tasty tunes is on offer, covering a range of styles all the way from swaying Hawaiian numbers to jazz, pop and even rock ‘n’ roll. All the songs are presented in simple, easy-to-read melody line, lyrics and chords notation, while each song comes with in-depth historical and performance notes written in the approachable “For Dummies” style.
With one of the most approachable instruments now complemented by probably the most approachable learning method, there’s really no excuse not to pick it up and start playing!
Ukulele For Dummies and Ukulele Songs For Dummies are now available in-store and at musicroom.com. Also check out our range of Ukes.

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