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Focusrite/Novation has landed in York.


Focusrite/Novation has landed in York.
We are excited to now be able to offer a wide range of Novation, Focusrite, KRK and Ableton products. This means any budding Rick Rubin’s should make their way to York and have a chat with us about this brilliant new range we have to offer.
So why should you want to buy a Focusrite product?
Focusrite was founded in 1985 by Rupert Neve, who has received a “Lifetime achievement Technical Grammy Award. Focusrite’s first contracts included a commission from George Martin to build extensions to three custom Neve consoles. later Neve’s company ARN designed the ES pickup system for Taylor acoustic guitars. This quality electrical engineering has kept Focusrite in the top studios for over 30 years. This English company has rapidly expanded over the last 10 years and has added the KRK, Novation and Stanton brands to their portfolio.
Focusrite/Novation really is a complete company and has something to offer everyone, from DJ’s to Live Musicians. Also as UK distributors of Ableton’s Live software you can trust them to produce flexible, intuitive and most importantly fully compatible products.      
Alex’s top 3 Focusrite/Novation Products

  1. Launchpad. This little box of lights is amazing for triggering clips in Ableton. It’s so easy to use even the guitarists in the shop can be spotted jamming away to techno loops.
  2. Ableton Live. This software is amazing and has given me the flexibility to be able to do things with sound I never thought possible. These guys pioneered flexible time, which allows loops to we warped and run perfectly in time at any tempo.
  3. Novation Ultranova. Dare I say it, the GAIA killer? The preset sounds are amazing and give a good idea of what is possible with this machine. Also it includes a vocoder and audio interface, what more do I need to say. Buy it now!       

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