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Fender's new G-DEC 3 amplifier 'packed with features'

Fender G-DEC Amplifier
The ##http://www.musicroom.com/se/ID_No/0706540/details.html##Fender G-DEC 3## Fifteen is an amazing, great-sounding new amp for practicing and recording.

The new Fender G-DEC 3 has been released with huge connectivity options and numerous additional features ideal for all playing styles.
According to Fender, the latest Guitar Digital Entertainment Centre (G-DEC) is the start of a “new generation of groundbreaking practice and recording amps”, which represents an “exciting leap forward in technology and content”.
It features easy computer connectivity as well as a large number of preset song performances from some of the world’s leading musicians for guitar enthusiasts to strum along to, including Eric Johnson, Charlie Benante and Phil Collen of Def Leppard.
Learning particular songs has been made easier with the inclusion of Fender’s FUSE software, which allows the user to connect to the computer, download and upload their own choice of backing tracks and swap music files worldwide with other players.
The August issue of Vintage Guitar and the July/August issue of Guitar Edge both offer reviews of the latest generation of the Fender G-DEC.
“In all, this is a neat little amp and can be a very useful tool,” writes Vintage Guitar’s Sean O’Bryan Smith on page 158. “It won’t break the bank and could carry a player from their days as a beginner right up until they’re a pro. Even better, it packs enough wallop to hold up on a gig. Being solidstate, it should be quite reliable, and considering its purpose, it is quite impressive.”
“The G-DEC 3 Thirty is an excellent tool for practicing soloing technique against playback, for “jotting” down musical ideas, and for experimenting with tone,” writes Guitar Edge’s Adam Lovinus on page 140. “It is the crème deluxe of the living room practice amp, and it’s useful for guitarists of every level of musicianship. Most importantly, it’s a piece of equipment that not only facilitates musical growth, but also grows with you as your aptitude progresses.”

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