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Ten Musical Gifts You Absolutely Must Get Your Dad For Father's Day

Written by Jack, Musicroom Salsbury. 

That time of year has come back round and, like us, you might be stuck for ideas on what to buy you dad for Father’s Day?

Well, we’re here to help with everybody’s preferred method of tips and advice, a top 10 list. From the affordable and simple, to the high end and extravagant – if your dad loves music, he’ll love this!



 10. Socks

£7.49Acoustic Guitar Socks

The Classic. Simple, timeless and what every dad expects. Is it really a special occasion if someone doesn’t get socks?

9. Nanoblocks

Nanoblocks: Drums for Father's day£9.99

Think of the amount of time your dad has spent putting together your toys and presents over the years knowing that, when he finishes building it, he doesn’t get to enjoy the gift.With a range of instruments, from drum kits to pianos, Nanoblocks are a little mission of fun to put together.


8. T-Shirts

£15.00Musical t-shirts for Father's day

Dad’s got taste. It might not be the best and it might not be yours, but he has it. Help him show off his musical taste with a classic rock T-shirt. With bands like Pink Floyd, The Jam and The Beatles in the range, we’re sure you can find dad’s new look.


7. Guitar Shaped Pizza Cutter

£12.99Guitar-shaped pizza cutter for Father's day

You love pizza, I love pizza and your dad loves pizza. If you couple this gift with some actual pizza, I’m sure you’ll have given your dad the present of the day.


6. Rock & Roll Mugs

£6.99Rock & Roll Mugs for Father's day

Another classic Father’s Day gift. With bands like Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden and Rolling Stones, you can make your dad’s a little more rock n’ roll.


5. Cufflinks

£9.99Cufflinks for Father's day

There is always a special occasion just around the corner where dad is going to need to suit up. Help add a little bit of rock to his smart-ware with a set of guitar shaped cufflinks.


Sheet Music Tie

Sheet Music Tie for Father's day£18.99

Right, I know we’ve used the word classic a lot on this list but some things are just timeless. One of those things is a tie on Father’s Day.


3. Blackstar Fly Mini Amp

£59.99Blackstar Mini Fly Amp

Is Dad still rocking all over the world? If he plays electric guitar this might be coolest little gift to get. Three watts, two channels and tape delay effect make it one of the best-sounding and coolest-looking little amps around.


2. Mahalo Ukulele

Mahalo Ukulele£42.99

Did he always wish he had picked up the guitar when he was younger? Well it’s never to get the ball rolling. The Little UTL1 ukulele is a great way to get into play an instrument without busting the bank, taking up space or making a racket.

1. GPO Jam Record Player

GPO Jam Record Player£74.99

Every dad should have the ability to teach the youth about the music of the past and tell you, his children, about the good old days of rock n’ roll. So why not allow him to get out the old record collection and spin them on this GPO record player. A traditional, yet contemporary pattern, combined with a clear dust cover and chrome finishes means that this beauty will fit in nicely anywhere. This product also possesses the ability to record directly from player to computer via USB cable, with software provided.

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