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Faith guitars in-stock and reviewed at Musicroom Portsmouth

Musicroom Portsmouth have just taken stock of some fabulous new Faith acoustic guitars.
Beautifully made with top quality electrics and  fitted hardcases, Faith guitars are highly regarded and sought after instruments with woods and bodyshapes to suit all styles.
Faith exclusively use only solid wood in their guitars rather than laminate in order to create the best possible sound. The wood matures over time, improving the tone still further like a well-aged fine wine.
The tops are all made from Engelmann spruce as opposed to the more common Sitka, again for its superior acoustic qualities.
Each Faith guitar stands out to both the eyes and the ears. Although every instrument is built individually by hand, they are all finished to an exceptionally high and consistent standard. Imperfections are not on the menu here!
Little touches such as the genuine ebony machine heads and bridge pins show real craftsmanship and attention to detail. Players will adore the performance, tone and “no expenses spared” feel they can get out of a Faith. These guitars really have to be held and played to fully appreciate their quality.
David, one of the instrument experts at Musicroom Portsmouth has picked out the Trembesi series as favourite models in the range:
“I am particularly fond of the Trembesi series, named after the wood used for the back and sides of the guitar bodies. It is not a commonly used tonewood, and offers a sound which sits nicely between the warm tone of mahogany and the brighter articulated sound of rosewood.
“The tone curve is well balanced, offering enough clarity and string separation for fingerstyle players without sacrificing the blended sound usually preferred for strumming and accompaniment work.”
Head down to Musicroom Portsmouth to see and play these beautiful instruments for yourself.
For more information contact our team of in-store experts direct at portsmouth@musicroom.com or on 02392 863792.

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