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Exploring 'Whiplash': The 6 Books Every Aspiring Jazz Drummer Should Know

Whiplash-championTed Reed – Progressive Steps to Syncopation

The classic of drum instructional books as applied to jazz styles. ‘Syncopation’ (as it is known in drum circles) will explore your understanding of beat placement and rudiment application across the drum set. The various exercises and examples in Syncopation allow you to open them up and apply in ever more creative ways. Essential reading for a budding Buddy Rich!

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Jim Chapin – Advanced Techniques For The Modern Drummer

A classic for many decades, ‘Advanced Techniques For The Modern Drummer’ focuses on the elusive skill of limb independence, and its application to jazz and bebop drumming. As much as anything else, independence brings a modern sound to rudiments and snare patterns, and this book is the go-to book on the subject; a fantastic launch pad for further study of this essential skill.

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George Lawrence Stone – Stick Control

A true classic: minimal, dense and rich in content. ‘Stick Control’ goes deep into the rudiments and fundamentals of snare drum playing, and these short exercises can also be applied across the set in a variety of creative ways. Many drummers’ ‘Desert Island’ instructional book, there is a wealth of study from these classic exercises.

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Buddy Rich – Modern Interpretations of Snare Drum Rudiments

A towering figure of big band drumming whose style is hugely based on his interpretation of drum rudiments, Buddy Rich’s book ‘Modern Interpretation of Snare Drum Rudiments’ is the most direct way to explore his signature style. While perhaps not as ‘modern’ as when it was first written, this dense book includes exercises and rhythmic studies which are graded in difficulty.

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John Riley – The Art Of Bop Drumming

Highly-rated for those wanting to progress beyond the core studies from the classic drum tutors by Ted Reed et al. Also a solid stylistic manual regarding tone, time soloing and general musicianship around playing in the bop style. Very highly regarded by many top jazz drummers.

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