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Exeter School of Samba

Musicroom Exeter are proud to announce our close relationship with the Exeter School of Samba with both local support for events and gigs being offered , sponsorship and the supply of Instruments and all things Samba.
The group hold workshops for beginners and intermediate level musicians at the Pheonix Arts Centre in Exeter progressing their pupils through to performances with the Samba Marcianas band.
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Exeter school of samba is run by music graduate and drum-kit teacher Scott Craig.
Scott the ‘Mestre’, uses Brazilian-made instruments to teach the traditional Brazilian rhythms characteristic of the drum schools (baterias) of Rio and Sao Paulo.
The aim of Exeter School of Samba is to provide an opportunity for anyone with an interest in percussion, music and/or rhythmic movement to develop their musical skill and abilities within the framework of this vital, traditional art form.
Participating in rhythmic workshops increases confidence, energy, team work and creativity.
The philosophy of Exeter School of Samba is  ‘Make Yourself Heard’, which is about finding your voice on all sorts of levels. Because Scott works primarily with schools and school children he has an interest in education, teaching, group
work and behaviour. Bullying is one of the most detrimental forces to arise within any educational or work environment, which is why Exeter School of Samba’s ‘Make Yourself Heard’ anti-bullying workshops are being developed.

Please see the Exeter School of Samba website for further info about this exciting project!

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