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Eliza Doolittle wants to make ‘catchy music’

English singer-songwriter Eliza Doolittle is keen to concentrate on producing “catchy music” which can be enjoyed by her fans. Speaking to the Yorkshire Post newspaper, the Mr Medicine singer said that she would rather make “fun music” than bare her soul in her songs.
The singer believes that a catchy tune is the most important thing when writing music, adding that Beyonce Knowles’ former group Destiny’s Child had a massive impact on her career when she was growing up.
“I was always into pop music, Destiny’s Child, songs with catchy music. Even when I was writing when I was younger it wasn’t all about expressing myself, it was just about making fun music,” she told the news provider.
“I do like a great song that becomes popular. If people like a song, then I don’t see that as a bad thing.”
Doolittle comes from a family with a successful and varied musical background, her father is John Caird, an English stage director, her mother is English musical theatre actress and recording artist Frances Ruffelle and she is the granddaughter of Sylvia Young.
She first started writing music at the age of 12, telling the newspaper that her hard work has finally paid off.
“I think that if you want to make it in this business, you have to work really hard. It never really happens overnight,” she added. “I think that if I hadn’t started when I was so young then it would have taken me a lot longer to get good at it.”
Meanwhile, it was recently announced that fellow British singer Adele has broken the record for the longest time at number one in the UK album chart by a female solo artist. The singer’s second album, 21, has now spent ten consecutive weeks at the top, the Official Charts Company said.

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