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Einaudi takes inspiration from around the world

Ludovico EinaudiFollowing a successful world tour showcasing his recent album Nightbook, Ludovico Einaudi has been busy preparing a follow up record taking a fresh look at some of his classics.
His phenomenal CD sales and ability to sell out major concert halls worldwide are confirmation that Einaudi is one of classical music’s success stories of recent years.
Featuring a collection of old and some new recordings, The Essential Einaudi album is sure to be as popular as the composer’s other work.
“I have a lot of new material for the future that is there and I’m really happy that I took time and found the right concentration that is often so difficult to find,” he told Classic FM.
The Italian composer revealed that the new work takes a lot of influence from his past work and from the countries visited on his recent world tour.
“I discovered new material, a new part of music that I didn’t know before and obviously it is very delicate how you take this material because it is like restoring something that is very precious,” Einaudi explained to the news provider.
“The way you act and you interact with it is very important. You have to, in a way, preserve its integrity and its beauty and at the same time you have to interpret it in a new direction.”
After studying at the Conservatory in Milan, Einaudi spent several years composing in traditional forms. In the mid-1980s he began to search for a more personal expression in a series of works for dance and multimedia and later for piano.
His music is rooted in the classical tradition with the addition of elements derived from pop, rock, folk and contemporary art. His melodies tend to be evocative and have a high emotional impact.
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