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Early Elgar work in print for the first time

Edward Elgar needs little introduction. Standing tall among the greatest composers that the United Kingdom has ever produced, many of his works are long-standing favourites at royal occasions including the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II and the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.
It may then come as a surprise that one of this musical giant’s works is only now being published for the first time. Having languished for years on the shelves of the British Library, Elgar’s Andante and Allegro for Oboe and String Trio is now available for performance, in both score and parts and a piano reduction version.
This early gem was written c.1878 when Elgar was around 21 years old, 10 years prior to his first recognised major work, Salut d’amour. Composed for performance by the Worcester Glee Club, the piece is a fascinating insight into Elgar’s early style and development as a composer.
A welcome addition to the Oboe repertoire, the work’s rich musical pedigree lends it well to concert performance, either with piano accompaniment or string trio, both now available at musicroom.
For additional flexibility, the solo Oboe part included with the Piano reduction is also suitable for Flute. An additional transposed part for Clarinet in B Flat is also included. All versions are compatible with the original string accompaniment.
View Elgar’s Andante and Allegro on musicroom here.

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