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Drew's News: Home Recording for beginners

Now more than ever people are being empowered with the freedom to record their own songs in the comfort of their own home, all because these days it’s so easy to get great results without spending a fortune.
I myself have had roaring success recording my bands material in my home studio, having spent less on it than Justin Beiber does on maintaining his hair for a month. The virtues of such an enterprise speak for themselves:
– Doing things in your own time is great, being on the clock at a hired studio is expensive and gives rushed results, and I’m sure you’ll agree that music shouldn’t be rushed, but painstakingly perfected because you love it.
– It keeps you out of trouble. Next to writing and recording music, raising merry hell is my favourite past times, but thanks to my studio I don’t have time to.
– Finally it’s easier than you think! If a simple Australian guttersnipe like I can do it, then so can you, and without burning a hole in your pocket. Yamaha, M-Audio, Line 6, and Samson have a superb range of equipment that makes having a home studio an achievable and affordable goal, all available at Musicroom.
I recommend for a beginner :-
Yamaha Audiogram 6 4 input USB interface that comes with the Phenomenal Recording software Cubase AI5, all for £129.
Samson C01 Condensor Microphone gives amazing fidelity and clarity as both an instrument and vocal studio mic for only £59 The USB version is only £69
Samson MediaOne 3a Active Monitors allow you to know exactly what you are recording, so that when someone else plays it back on there sound system it’s faithfully recreated the way you recorded it. If you don’t use proper monitors you run the risk of it sounding bad on everything but the speakers it was recorded with in the first place. A matched pair these only cost £89
Staring up a home studio is the best thing I ever did, so what are you waiting for?

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