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Drews Muse: Yamaha APX500

A is for Aural Awesomocity.(Never heard of that word? Time to get a better dictionary.)
P is for Perfectly Playable
X is for ummm… Xtreme!
And the 500 just makes it sound even cooler.
My love for the APX500 is known by many, and is enforced by a tenacious and often overwhelming fervour. So why does Drew have such a fondness for a hollowed out piece of wood that has been stringed and tuned? Because this is more than just a piece of wood; it’s a sexy, streamlined, acoustic guitar that is a pleasure to play.
Its action and neck profile is very similar to that of a nicely made electric guitar; low, smooth and well refined, thus making it very easy to play. To compliment this further its body is smaller and slimmer than almost every acoustic guitar on the market.
Although this kind of body shape and size means that the guitar loses some bottom end, the fact that it is made to be amplified means this is well compensated for.
It was introduced by Yamaha back in the 1980’s with the APX10 and has enjoyed repeated success over the last 30 years, and newer and more exciting versions have been introduced.
The APX 500 is available in Oriental Blue-burst, Red-burst, Natural, Black, Flame-maple Violin-burst and Flame-maple Blue-burst. Starting at £249 for the standard finishes and £299 for the stunning Flame-maple tops.

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