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Dion Dublin announces the winner of our DUBE competition

After weeks of sifting through the entries submitted to our Design-a-DUBE competition, Dion Dublin  has chosen his favourite idea and picked a winner!
Congratulations to Lesley Wagg of Portsmouth who won Dion over with her hand print based design. The man himself has written his thoughts on his top three entries below:

Winner: Lesley Wagg

“It would be great if the design just had hands printed all over it – whether in various block silhouettes or actual pictures of different hands by age, ethnicity, size – truly a hands on piece!”
Dion: “Loving the hand design, this was one that jumped out at me as soon as I saw it. It is everything I am trying to get over to the music and education world.
What the hands to me are saying is, to touch and to feel will give you a better idea of what the Dube is all about. It is something you have to try and play before you dismiss. Lesley captured it perfectly in this design – Thank you and congratulations!”

Second place: Jeremy Andrews

“I would have pictures of Massive bass speakers on 2 sides, 12″ Records on 2 sides and Waveforms on the 2 other sides.”
Dion: “This design took me back to my childhood, with huge speakers a stereo system and bass waves. It was what I was brought up around as a child, so I related to this one automatically. I’m an old school lover of music and do like an old fashioned stereo system  which uses vinyl. This design brings old and new together.”

Third place: Giacomino Parkinson

Dion:“This design meant the most to me as my mother’s name was Rose, my passion is the Dube and to have a Dube with a rose on it would mean she would have still been here. Loved it.”
“Congratulations to all three of you, your designs really did take imagination, time and effort. It was very hard to choose a winner but as all competitions need one – I had to choose. I would just like to say thank you for all designs that were entered, the standard was very high overall and I enjoyed imagining them on the Dube. Thank you to all the entries, there may be another competition coming soon.”

Dion Dublin and his musical creation, The Dube.

Dion Dublin

Thank you from the Musicroom team to everyone who took part in the competition and submitted entries. You see a gallery of all the submissions below!
You can read more about the DUBE in our feature article and face to face interview with Dion Dublin also on the Musicroom blog.

Picture entries:

Text entries:

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Fay Statton
“Basically, a picture within a picture of the Dube (The dube with another picture of a Dube in the centre of that, with another picture of a dube in the centre of that etc…) same on each side of the instrument.
Could be the same colour, or different coloured Dubes.”
Keith Pollard
“Giraffe Print would be my 1st design preference because:-
1 My daughter loves it and
2 it sticks with the original design of drums being made from animal skins.
I notice that each side of the dube has a different sound then perhaps each side could have an animal print that reflects its tone.
Because Dion has created this then there could be 6 pictures of Dublin or the football teams he played for.”
Lesley Wagg
“It would be great if the design just had hands printed all over it – whether in various block silhouettes or actual pictures of different hands by age, ethnicity, size – truly a hands on piece! :)”
Donna Moore
“The title of my design is Loud.
Each side will be a different colour.
1. Bright gloss Red.
2. Bright Gloss Yellow
3. Bright Gloss Mid Blue
4. Bright Gloss Orange
5. Bright Gloss White
6. Bright Gloss Light Green
The corners are in black.
This way the direction of the box required for your particular sound is easily arranged.  So not only stricking but functional.”
“I want a 5 sided Dube, with each side representing each of the Chinese Elements with their symbols and delivering a pentatonic relationship:
“I’d love my Dube to have the Genk football badge on the sides of it, come on the Genk!!!!!”
“i’d like to design my dube box with trojan record label all over it.”
James McCormack
“i would paint my dube to make it look like an old fashioned tea chest complete with stencils naming the mill that my Grandad used used to work in and brass corner pieces”
Jeremy Andrews
“I would have pictures of Massive bass speakers on 2 sides, 12″ Records on 2 sides and Waveforms on the 2 other sides.”
Sue Wilshere
I’d decorate my Dube with images of Coventry City players over the years. Dion used to play for us (and it’s been downhill ever since he left!) so it seems only fitting that he should feature on the Dube. Great invention!”
Another Wombat
“Make it a giant multicoloured die – each panel a different colour, with the lightest the higher range and the darker for mo’ bass, and dice-like dots 1-6 to denote the sound. Look great, sound awesome!”
Steven Montgomery
“I’d design mine with one of my paintings called ‘out of africa’ :)”
Samantha Ripley
“i would customise with Andy warhol style images of my family”
Gareth Hunt
“would take it to gigs with me and try and get it signed by loads of different bands”
Sean Hubbard-Read
“I’d love my Dube to have the Coat of Arms of Brook Taverner all over it, so I could display it in the shop where I work for Brook Taverner”
Sue Seaman
“id have my dog holly on she goes everywhere with me”
“My dube would be covered in images of the people I love, as it would be really cool for my kids to be able to explore using it and discover what different sounds I make from my husband to the sounds each of them make underneath their pictures. I would love it be a family montage but also to include pets and images of things that we all find important or insprining too. For example I would put an image of my son’s toy Lion, and my husband works in the oil and gas industry so something reflective of that too! Plus any other fun pictures I could find that reflected our family so cool holiday pictures that remind us of the memories and finally we have a great picture of us on our wedding day standing by two gianormous silos!”
Rebecca Beesley
“Hi Dube, I have an idea for this competition but am rubbish at drawing so am going to have to describe it! It would have four people holding hands (one person on each of four sides of the DUBE drum). I thought one male, one female, one child and one baby would be good so their hands would link at the edges of each side (ideally each person would be of different ages and origins to show how they unite with music). On the top there would be a brightly coloured map of the world (almost graffiti art-like rather than a traditional looking map) with a message saying “young or old…music unites the world!”. There would be some funky colourful music notes and symbols (eg. treble clef, quavers, semi-quavers etc) positioned around each person. On the base, I would love to see a silhouette of a footballer, with a knee bent keeping a ball in the air but the ball is actually a globe. Hope you like the idea, best wishes Rebecca x”
Anthony Gerrard
“My kids would love to make music on this. My 2 year old son in particular loves drumming, he also enjoys playing on the Piano. Having the Dube customised with pictures of my kids would be lovely and make it even more fun.”
Lee Doyle
“I fancy plain text saying DU-BE DU-BE DO”
Laura Stewart
“cover it in my favourite stickers”
“it would be great if it was covered with ole missisippi number plates made a stomp box like this looks so cool”

Look out for more exciting offers and competitions throughout December during Musicroom’s Christmas bonanza!

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