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Could Paul McCartney branch out into video games music?

Sir Paul McCartney may have hinted that he is to write music for computer games.
Speaking to German newspaper Die Zeit, the Beatles legend showed his excitement at collaborating on a video game and suggested that it is more lucrative than releasing music on its own.
He also claimed that video game music would provide a new platform for younger people to listen to his music.
“It’s a fascinating market,” he told the news provider.
“A new computer game sells so much better than a new CD these days. Young people will hear my music for the first time in a game.”
The singer releases a new album, titled Kisses On The Bottom, on February 6th, but it is the type of album that isn’t likely to reach younger generations.
McCartney is not entirely unfamiliar to the video game format. He and Ringo Starr had their likenesses created for the computer game The Beatles: Rock Band back in 2010.
He could also reach out to younger music fans if he performs at the 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony, although nothing has yet been confirmed about the Danny Boyle-directed event.
Recording music for video games has become a popular foray for many artists, particularly with the rise of the games console. Pharrell Williams, whose music can be heard on True Crime, told Billboard that the platform is “a new means of expression for us”.
“We get to do what we want in all of our splendour,” he added. “We have no boundaries, it’s fun across the board. [To Activision Games], we’re providing the music, in our minds they’re providing the visuals, so it’s like a perfect marriage.”
Eminem’s Recovery was used in Call Of Duty: Black Ops, while the Rock Band and Guitar Hero series help sales of the original music used in the games.

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