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Competition looks out for the UK's best music teacher

A competition to find the most inspirational music teacher in the UK will name its winner at an event next month.
Music Teacher of the Year 2011 will be announced at the Music For Youth Schools Proms at the Royal Albert Hall in London on November 7th-9th.
It aims to recognise and celebrate the work of primary and secondary school music teachers who have made a difference in the lives and learning of their pupils.
Organised by Classic FM, Yamaha, Avid and Music for Youth, the awards also recognise the work of peripatetic/private music teachers and those who work with children with special needs.
There is also a Lifetime Achievement award for people who have made teaching music their life’s work.
What is so special about the awards is that the finalists, and indeed all nominated teachers, have been named by the people who have been inspired by their work, including pupils, parents and colleagues.
Winners of the five categories, which will be announced over the course of the three-day Proms, will receive musical equipment from Yamaha and music software from Avid for their schools or associated music services, all worth thousands of pounds.
The event will also see around 3,000 young musicians from all over the UK who have been inspired by the BBC Proms, which takes place over the summer, to play in the same venue at the Schools Proms. They will perform in three concerts, showcasing different styles and illustrate the music education currently being taught to young people.
It will also showcase the next generation of the UK’s musical talent.
This summer, the BBC Proms aimed to reach out to a younger generation through a series of Proms-firsts. It featured the Proms’ first turntablist, Gabriel Prokofiev, the grandson of the legendary Russian composer, in a concert performed by the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain.
The season also hosted its first ever Comedy Proms, featuring musical comedian Tim Minchin and others.

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