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Coldplay and Plan B promote healthy hearing for young musicians

Ever been told to turn your music down and save your ears? You should have listened, according to Plan B.
The rapper has revealed that despite being only 29, he suffers from tinnitus after listening to music too loud. His condition is so debilitating that he has even backed a new campaign to get people turning their music down.
Describing the time when he developed tinnitus, Plan B, real name Ben Drew, said he thought the sound was just the trains running past his house.
“It was really loud and an extremely high pitched ringing in my ears,” he said.
“I now have to wear special earplugs when I go to bed to help stop my ears from ringing. There’s no doubt it’s been caused by years of being on stage and subjected to very loud decibels of music.
“So if you’re listening to music a lot, producing music or performing live, then always wear earplugs.”
Plan B is not the only musician to suffer from tinnitus. Coldplay frontman Chris Martin has revealed he has had a persistent ringing in his ears for the past ten years from performing in loud clubs and arenas.
He said the condition hasn’t got worse since wearing plugs or in-ear monitors, but wished he had thought about it earlier.
Not wanting to repeat the mistake he made, Chris insists that his kids wear large ear defenders when they go to his gigs.
Gary Numan and Judge Jules have also backed the Loud Music campaign by charity Action on Hearing Loss, as they also have hearing problems. The campaign aims to encourage young people to listen to music safely at loud gigs, festivals and on their iPod.
At the weekend, billboards carrying the campaign’s message were posted throughout north London to coincide with the Camden Crawl, with 6,000 free earplugs handed out on the streets during the festival.

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