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Click & Collect In Scotland? It's "Snow" Bother

After a fortnight of hideous weather in Scotland everyone has their snow story. Overnight gridlock on the M8, 5 hour train journeys to work, kids off school for a nearly fortnight, fights over the last loaf of bread at the supermarket. Now Christmas is coming up fast and after 2 weeks of enforced confinement at home not only is everyone stir crazy, they’re also way behind on the Christmas shopping.
On Monday afternoon the top story on the BBC News website warns that many of the top online retailers have suspended orders via their websites as the backlog built up is too great to clear before Christmas. Tesco Direct, Asda, Amazon and Firebox have all reported delays with their deliveries and are not currently promising anything before Christmas.

If you are still in need of a present but don’t want to risk the post then Rae Macintosh Music in Edinburgh and Music In Print at Kenny’s Music in Dundee can work with to help. A new service called “Click & Collect” allows you to browse our stock online and then ask us via the website to put items aside for collection. We will either call to confirm your order or drop you an email and you can pop in to collect it without any fuss.

The town centres are now pretty clear of snow and buses are keeping people moving in both Edinburgh and Dundee.  The number 19, 36, 37, 41 and 47 Lothian Buses all stop just at the door of Rae Mac’s and all Fife Stagecoach services come past regularly. In Dundee the 1,4, 6, 22, 15 ,33, 39, will bring you to town with Fife buses stopping on Dock Street. Kenny’s is round the corner from Greggs in Castle Street.
We look forward to seeing you before Santa comes (and the next wave of snow hits!).

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