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Classical music revival predicted by Barenboim

Daniel Barenboim, the Israeli pianist and conductor, has announced that Frederic Chopin: Piano Concerto No.1 In E Minor Op.11he is looking to spark a classical music revival following the signing of a new recording deal. The 67-year-old – who is also general music director at Berlin’s State Opera – is confident that the deal places him in a good position to realise his musical vision.
In particular, Barenboim believes that the involvement of both Deutsche Grammophon and Decca Classics will help, as both organisations are committed to helping turn around the fortunes of the classical music industry.
Under the new record deal, the Argentine-born artist is set to record both the Chopin and Liszt piano concertos, as well as actively becoming an ambassador for classical music.
On top of this, Barenboim was recently awarded a German peace prize for his efforts to bring Israelis and Palestinians together. His work relating to the creation of the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra – which brings together Jewish, Christian and Muslim musicians – was particularly commended.
Elsewhere, the terms of the record contract will see him embark on a Franz Liszt: Piano Concerto No.1 In E Flat (Two-Piano Score)number of projects with young upcoming musicians. “I’ve been involved with young musicians and I would like to continue that,” the news provider cited him as telling a news conference in Berlin.
Furthermore, Barenboim explained that if the classical music industry was to continue and thrive in the coming half century, change was needed. The problem with music nowadays, he said, is that “it is not part of a child’s normal education and it’s too late to get started on it when you’re 30 and you’ve got a job”.
“I’ve always been very interested in young musicians and always found one learns a lot more by teaching than by not teaching,” Barenboim added. “I’m looking forward to our joint future and many fascinating recordings.”

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