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Children encouraged to Sing Up in school

Encouraging children to join choirs and sing while they are at school Junior Choral Club Book 4: Red Bookcan have a positive impact on their well-being and development.
That is according to the latest study conducted by the Institute of Education, which has found that a clear link exists between singing and self image within children.
The study, which was conducted to mark the arrival of National Sing Up Day, took place over a three-year period and is based on information collated from around 9,979 children at 177 schools in England.
According to researchers, those children who have taken part in the Sing Up programme, a national initiative which aims to get every school in the country involved in vocal teaching and training, felt better about themselves, as well as possessing a stronger sense of camaraderie towards their fellow pupils.
Sing Up programme director Baz Chapman commented: “These findings highlight the wider benefits of singing for children, which obviously stretch Little Voices - Gospelmuch further than the classroom.
“It’s vital that children are given as many opportunities as possible to engage with singing when it has such a positive impact on young people and community cohesion.”
The results of the research also come just after the findings of the Henley Review were published.
As a direct result of the review, education secretary Michael Gove has announced that the £82.5 million ring-fenced musical education grant will be continued for the 2011-12 financial year.
Composer Howard Goodall, the National Singing Ambassador, said that headteachers should look to take the findings on board.
“We’ve always maintained that singing, alongside its brain-training benefits, can help children to grow in confidence and create stronger communities and now we’re able to prove it with hard evidence,” he added.
“We hope that primary schools across the country take the opportunity on National Sing Up Day to give their pupils a boost and spread a little singing.”
Today (February 9th), primary schools across the country are taking part in singing activities and challenges to celebrate National Sing Up Day 2011.

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