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Charity improves communication through music

Music has long been touted as an effective method for helping people overcome illness and disability.
As well as the huge enjoyment and sense of achievement gained from music-making, music opens up new ways for people to express themselves and make connections with others, allowing them to explore and show more of their full potential.
Many believe that music can help children communicate and give them enjoyment, sometimes despite the most severe disabilities. As such, there are a number of organisations which are dedicated to giving children and young people an experience of the subject.
The charity Soundabout runs a number of sessions that encourage individuals to communicate using music, the Oxford Mail has reported.
Having been given £1,800 by Comic Relief back in March, the organisation is currently helping develop communication skills in people with severe learning disabilities.
Sound and music form two major components of the teaching, which ensure that people in Oxfordshire with severe learning difficulties can improve their interaction with others.
Sue Simmonds has been a trainer at the charity since it started 14 years ago.
“We run sessions designed to engage young people and adults in communicative interaction using music,” she told the news provider. “People come along to our centre in Worminghall, or we go out to schools and centres, helping disabled people to develop.”
In addition, the Comic Relief cash was used by the charity to host a series of sensory festivals for Oxfordshire special schools.
“Every term, we transform our hall into a sensory festival. We black it out and have sound and light equipment to create a themed environment.” Ms Simmonds added.
Soundabout explains that the aim of its work is to help those people who have complex learning disabilities develop their ability to communicate and interact with others through music and sound.

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