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Celebrate the viola with Viola World

Historically relegated to the rear ranks of the stringed instrument family (despite sitting front centre of an orchestra), the Viola’s unique mellow sound, with qualities very similar to the human voice, has recently received more exposure and wider appreciation.
Tania Susi ViolistIts popularity has risen on the back of star performers such as Yuri Bashmet and Tania Susi, and also as a result of improved availability of quality repertoire suitable for the instrument.
For over 30 years Viola World Publications has been the only publisher specialising in Viola music, entirely devoted to equipping violists with meticulously edited repertoire suitable for solo and ensemble performance as well as study materials for students.
Their varied catalogue includes Viola versions of classics such as Monti’s Czardas and Debussy’s Rêverie, as well as arrangements of vocal works from Puccini to Gershwin. Many releases are prompted by customer suggestions, and this open relationship between publisher and performer has seen Viola World become a bastion of the the Viola resurgence.
New in to Musicroom is Viola World’s latest release, The Funeral March Of A Marionette by Charles Gounod, expertly arranged for Viola by Alan Arnold, ascap.
View Musicroom’s complete selection of Viola World titles here.
Watch this video for an inspirational performance of Paganini by Yuri Bashmet:

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