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Cambridge choirs stuck in the US after flight cancellation

Students, staff and choristers from a Cambridge University college choir have been left stranded across the other side of the Atlantic after their flight was cancelled.
The group fell victim to the icy weather sweeping the UK after their flight from Washington DC was cancelled until the end of this week.
The Combined Choirs, who sing at Jesus College under director of music Mark Williams, are currently touring the eastern seaboard of the USA and were due back in Cambridge at lunchtime on Monday. However, with Heathrow running at a reduced capacity, the 50-strong party are now scheduled to touch down on Christmas morning.
The 16 choristers – aged 10-13 – are currently safe in the Hilton Hotel, Arlington, where they are being looked after by their chaperones Anna Harvery and parents Angela Bennett and Nick Austin and other members of the college staff. The 27 students have been living with host families in the area.
Mr Williams said: “All the boys and students are safe and in good spirits.”
He added: “We’d love to be home but we can look upon our enforced stay as an extra holiday. There are many wonderful museums and attractions for the boys and I am sure the students will take full advantage of being in one of the world’s great cities.”
Prior to their enforced stop-over, the choirs had performed in New York City, Wilmington, Philadelphia, Charlottesville, Arlington and Washington DC.
Source: Suzan Uzel, Cambridge Evening News

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