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Busk to raise money for charity

Musicians across the country are being asked to donate a bit of their time, and talent, to a nationwide busking scheme designed to raise money and awareness for Cancer Research UK.
The week-long event, which is sponsored by guitar manufacturer Fender, runs on a number of occasions throughout the year, with the next one taking place from July 17th to 25th. It aims to raise over £100,000 for the charity.
Last year saw over 400 musicians, singers and street performers complete various performances all around the UK in aid of the good cause.
After its introduction in 2007, Busking Cancer has gone from strength to strength, with current patrons Rod Stewart and former Madness frontman Suggs launching the event at a special headline gig and other well-known musicians also taking part, including The Feeling and Skye Edwards.
Stewart, 64, offered the scheme his full support and backing, saying: “When it comes to busking, I’m your man. That’s how I started in the early ’60s on the streets of Paris. Busking Cancer has my support.
“It’s what music is all about – just getting out there and singing or playing for the sheer joy of it and if you can earn a few quid for Cancer Research UK, what could be better?”
Suggs, who fronted the campaign in 2008, said: “If you love music, busking is the perfect way to fundraise. You decide what to sing and where to play.”
The art of busking involves performing in a public place for tips and can involve anything that people find entertaining, including singing, dancing, playing an instrument or performing.
For more details about the event and to register your interest in taking part, visit the Busking Cancer website at www.buskingcancer.co.uk.

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