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British new starter becomes latest manufacturer of pianos

Cavendish Pianos will launch a selection of family-focused instruments.
Britain’s boutique manufacturing industry can now add a new string to its bow.
Cavendish Pianos from Wharfedale in west Yorkshire, have recently begun to produce a selection of family-focused instruments, reports the Ilkley Gazette.
The company was set up after founder, Adam Cox, could no longer sell British-made pianos.
In 2009, Kemble ended its UK production and moved to the Far East. Cox saw a gap in the market and a chance to try his hand at making the instrument itself rather than just selling them.
“We are a tiny operation compared to the big boys and we’re doing a very small production run, but that means we can do things the Far Eastern manufacturers can’t,” Cox told the news provider.
Cavendish Pianos will produce instruments including small uprights and large grand pianos from their factory at Beamsley Hill near Bolton Abbey.
“For a lot of people looking at buying a piano, their main question is ‘where was it made?’ And we think there must be lots of others who, like us, would like to know more about the production of their instrument and what materials were used,” Cox told the paper.
Timing for Cavendish Pianos is good. The government is hoping to create more opportunities for businesses with access to funding and the UK’s manufacturing figures are on the rise.
“There seems to be a feeling that, as a country, we can again produce great British goods and we believe there is a growing demand for them,” Cox added, explaining that they have been given a government grant “because of our export potential” and he hopes to sell pianos in France, Germany or Italy.
What are your thoughts on new British start ups flying the flag for UK instrument manufacturers? Does knowing the origin of your instrument matter to you?
Helping to launch the pianos to UK markets as well as European ones, Cavendish Pianos will take a stand at Musikmesse in Frankfurt, which runs from March 21st to 24th.
The show is the world’s leading trade fair for music and will open up the company to around 75,000 visitors.
Musicroom will also be at Musikmesse 2012, seeking out and the latest and most exciting products to bring you all the news and gossip from across the four day event.
Follow our live blog coverage for exclusive interviews, images, video content and more, as well as previews, starting Monday, on what to look out for at this year’s show.
What do you want to us to be checking out at Musikmesse 2012? Are there any rumored products you’re dying to know more about?

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