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Bristol take stock of Guild guitars

Lovely lovely Guild guitars – we’ve just got a great selection in and can’t stop basking in their glory. Here are some of our favourite models from the new range.
Andi, being a strummer, loves the D55 All solid Dreadnought.
This guitar has been made since 1963, and is known for its outstanding tone and responsiveness.
This one is entirely handmade in Guilds American workshop, and every detail has been meticulously crafted as you’d expect from such a high quality instrument.
Andi says: “this guitar plays itself. The mere suggestion of a chord is projected with full body and high-volume. It’s versatile too as well as looking great in sunburst finish”.
Nick, another member of the team at Musicroom Bristol, is a fingerstyle player and so favours the projection he can get from smaller bodied guitars.
As a guitar obsessive he has two favourites, the F30R Orchestra Model, and the M-120 all mahogany electo-acoustic.
The F30R is a quintessential Guild guitar; with no nonsense, high quality construction and simply amazing tone.
Nick is a big fan of the guitar: “I can’t put this guitar down. Its crisp character cuts through, which is perfect for finger-picking and doesn’t compromise on warmth or depth of tone. The neck feels great with every note – consistent and balanced”.
At £569, the M-120E costs less than its sibling models in the range, but it still has the high quality sound and build you expect from a Guild, along with that wow factor that keeps players coming back for more.
It also shows that you don’t need a large body to get a rich tone.
Nick says, “the M-120E is unbelievable value; its solid mahogany top looks great and gives a much darker, woody sound.
“The small body makes it really easy to play and it’s simple to transport thanks to its made-to-measure hard case. It’s a great guitar for folk playing”.
For more details on Musicroom Bristol’s new Guild range, or try one for yourself, visit the store,  call our team direct on 0117 929 0390 or email them at bristol@musicroom.com.
What do you think of Guild guitars? Are you a fan, and if so, what’s your favourite model?

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