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Bringing Music Alive In The Classroom

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You don’t need the school hall or a stage to take advantage of our great supply of resources! Sometimes classrooms are the perfect setting for children to make music together; and often the best way to learn a topic is to sing about it, not least because it’s such fun. Most of us can still remember lyrics we sang at school.
Take conservation, for example. Golden Apple’s Superkids Rock the Planet! has five ready-made themes including recycling and saving water. Children can sing along to the CD, and each fun song forms the basis for a class discussion or topic-work.
In the autumn, harvest songbooks with CDs, such as Easy Peasy Harvest and Harvest Rock!, songs like ‘Look at the Food which you Eat’ & ‘Eat a Rainbow every Day’ teach children about nutrition, as well as raising awareness of harvest around the world.
Sing, Clap and Play Recorder is a great way to teach basic music to your class even if you’re not an expert yourself … the CDs take children from singing a short melody, to clapping a rhythm, to simple notes and tunes on recorders. And of course we can supply your recorders too – see page 87. Or for something even easier, our children’s percussion sets are perfect for interactive classroom fun as well as ideal for fulfilling KS1&2 music syllabus requirements.
This Christmas, even if you’re not staging a show, the songs in Peace on Earth! (Everybody’s Christmas wish) don’t just celebrate Christmas, they include a children’s anthem for world peace – a great PSHE topic!
The security of a classroom is a wonderful place for children to develop their music appreciation and skills, and enjoy experimenting with melodies, rhythm and improvisation without a wider audience. Music brings lessons alive! Enjoy browsing our catalogue, or call our product specialists on +44 (0)1284 725725 for a wealth of friendly and expert advice.

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