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Birds help to make a sweet composition

Our natural environment has been cited as inspiration for a number of different and varied projects, but Jarbas Agnelli has taken the concept a step further after creating a song based on a photo of birds perched on powerlines.

Having noticed the picture in a newspaper, Agnelli composed a song using the exact location of the birds as notes.
The result is a mesmerising melody – which the artist is keen to point out is entirely the creation of the birds.
“I realised that it was a sweet, simple melody and I decided to make a classical arrangement to that,” Agnelli explains.
“The birds’ bodies were mostly above the wires. So I took them as notes filling the spaces between the lines. Those notes are F, A, C, E and G. If you make a melody or play chords with those five notes, there is no way to go wrong.”
Since its creation, millions of people around the world have viewed the video and listened to the ‘birdsong’, with Agnelli claiming that many people are able to relate to the “nature read as music thing”.
“I think people were fascinated by the possibility of birds being the real composers there,” he adds.

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