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Beginning Ukulele: Top Tips from our experts

Once you’ve got your uke, there are a couple of things to sort out: first of all, you’ll need somewhere to practise. If you choose to sit to play your uke, make sure you find a seat that allows you to keep a straight back and place your feet firmly on the floor; or a stool with a foot rail to support your feet. Frankly, you won’t need much more than the ukulele to begin playing, but there are a few accessories that might make life a bit easier.
Firstly, an electronic tuner; these are cheap and easy to use, and very accurate. Some clip on to your ukulele, and others can be put on a desk in front of you.
A music stand is another useful addition: it allows you to place your music at eye-level, and this will help to keep a comfortable posture. The height can be adjusted to let you stand or sit, as you prefer, and most stands come with little arms that will hold your songbook open at the right page.
You could also invest in a stand to keep your uke safe and prevent it from being knocked over. If you’re intending to take your ukulele out and about you might like to consider a hard case that offers excellent protection- otherwise, a padded soft case will probably be sufficient.
A spare set of strings is a good idea, although you’re unlikely to break them with normal wear. With proper technique and care, a set of strings will last a good long while.
Finally, it’s worth keeping a nail file handy – you’ll find that it’s invaluable for keeping your fingernails in shape on both hands.
If the tuning pegs on your uke are the type held in place with a small screw underneath, spend a moment ensuring that they’re finger-tight: it’ll help prevent them for slipping out of tune.
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