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Beat Goes On delivers stomp-style body percussion samba drumming workshops as well as CPD sessions throughout the United Kingdom. Featured at the Music & Drama Education EXPO, the Music Mark Annual Conference and numerous music education hub, the Beat Goes On team accommodates any event, any size, anywhere!

Now, Beat Goes On has a brand new resource to download, and it’s FREE! Ollie Tunmer, director of Beat Goes On, has created a ‘Body Percussion Scheme Of Work’, which takes ideas from his Body Beats book and elsewhere to present them in an easy-to-use format for Key Stages 1-4. The resource features a range of topics including STOMP, Brazil, West African Drumming, Indian Dhol rhythms and much more.

To further support you and your students, Beat Goes On are also available for fun, high-energy in-person and online workshops & CPD sessions throughout the UK and internationally, which can be arranged via www.beatgoeson.co.uk


Body Beats by Ollie Tunmer

Immerse yourself in the world of body percussion with this fun and engaging resource from the Beat Goes On founder Ollie Tunmer. Build confidence, develop coordination, boost your well-being and have loads of fun with this collection of individual and group-based exercises. This book is enhanced with video tutorials to guide you step-by-step through each exercise. Video is accessed online using the unique code inside the book and can be streamed or downloaded.

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